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BioMedica Diagnostics


BioMedica Diagnostics is a medical company specializing in the development and creation of diagnostic solutions, including reagents and control materials for conducting coagulometric studies in the field of hemostasis. For over 70 years, BioMedica has been bringing innovations, quality, and accessible diagnostic solutions to a continually growing international community of partners dedicated to improving treatment outcomes for patients in the areas of hemostasis and thrombosis. By collaborating with global researchers and practicing experts, the research capabilities of BioMedica increase innovations in healthcare. They elevate the diagnostic products and technologies of the company to a new level of medical possibilities in human and animal healthcare. The success of BioMedica Diagnostics is built on the ability to provide exceptional quality and results, thereby contributing to the success of their partners. Their extensive and modern range of blood research reagents is utilized by medical laboratories and clinics for precise diagnoses. More than just a manufacturer, BioMedica is an innovator that helps ensure high-quality medical analyses and enhances the quality of medical diagnostics.