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Transmed Introduces New Laboratory Equipment in Lviv's “Hospital of St. Nicholas”: A Breakthrough Partnership with ELITech Group


At the beginning of the year, "Transmed" installed advanced laboratory equipment at the Lviv Territorial Medical Association "Hospital of St. Nicholas." This innovative equipment comes from our partner, ELITech Group. In the video, you can see the Selectra ProM device in action. Selectra ProM is a fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer that typically performs up to 180 tests per hour. This system is designed for laboratories with needs in primary, urgent, or backup testing, offering minimal technical maintenance and efficient use of consumables to reduce operational costs. The key features of Selectra ProM include: - Minimal water consumption - Fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer - Typically 180 tests per hour - Optional dry ion-selective electrode (ISE) - Wide range of tests - User-friendly interface - Productivity-enhancing and error-reducing features - Automated reagent management - Annual ProActive preventive maintenance kit This new system helps laboratories ensure the highest quality of laboratory research and optimize costs. We take pride in contributing to the implementation of this advanced technology in Lviv.