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Empowering Healthcare: Comprehensive Solutions for Modern Diagnostics

Discover our laboratory equipment and consumables section. We offer comprehensive solutions for clinical diagnostic laboratories, ensuring quality and modern diagnostics for medical institutions of all levels. Our range includes equipment for biochemical research, molecular diagnostics, sample staining systems, cytological equipment, blood and biological fluid collection systems, as well as equipment for coagulometric studies. Our services also encompass training medical personnel to operate the equipment and timely software updates to support current functionalities. Our goal is not only to provide equipment but also to ensure a thorough understanding of its operation and effective utilization skills. Working with us, you can trust in the reliability and quality of each product.


Groups of goods

Equipment and Consumables for Biochemical ResearchEquipment and Consumables for Molecular DiagnosticsSample Staining Systems and Cytological EquipmentBlood and Biological Fluid Collection SystemsConsumables for Coagulometric StudiesElectrolyte AnalyzersEquipment and Consumables for Hematology
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Blood electrolyte analyzer EXIAS e|1. All in one cartridge. Manufactured by EXIAS Medical GmbH, AustriaDetails